Dropoff & Pickup

Lone Star Middle School Drop off and Pick up Procedures

  • The first bell rings at 8:00 AM and the tardy bell rings at 8:04 AM.

  • The front doors to the school (and offices) open at 7:45 AM.

  • All students enter the building through the cafeteria doors on Childress Street.

  • Students in athletics or attending performing arts practices may have different drop-off procedures.  

  • Students who choose to eat breakfast will go to the cafeteria first to eat breakfast.

  • Please do not drop your students off before 7:30 AM to ensure their safety. The cafeteria doors will open at 7:30 AM.

  • All students who are dropped off early, during non-instructional time, will remain in the cafeteria until 7:50 AM. After 7:50 AM, during non-instructional time, students will be divided into grade-level areas until the first bell rings at 8:00, signaling the beginning of our instructional day. 

  • Students must obtain a written or digital pass from their teacher/performing arts director to attend tutorials/practice.

  • Classes begin at 8:04 AM. If your student does not have athletics, tutorials, or performing arts practice, they do not need to arrive before 8:00 - 8:04 each day. 

Dismissal Time is 3:42 PM.
Pick-up procedures:

  • 6th graders are dismissed on Childress Street 

  • 7th graders are dismissed on N. Campus Blvd near Golden Chick

  • 8th graders are dismissed on N. Campus Blvd near the football field

It is important to note: 

  • If you have more than one child, please pick-up at the youngest child's grade level location.

  • When dropping students off at school and picking students up from school, their safety is our #1 concern. Please DO NOT ask students to meet your car in the street. Pull to the curb and come to a complete stop before your student leaves the curb to meet you. 

  • We need your support for our systems to be successful. Please do not ask your child to meet you at Papa John’s, Golden Chick, or a nearby business. If everyone follows the systems we have in place, we can provide a safe system for all Lone Star students.