Dropoff & Pickup

Lone Star Middle School Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Students should:

  • Not arrive prior to 7:50 unless in athletics or extracurricular events (i.e. 7th grade athletics).  In that event, students should be dropped off at the gyms. The doors to the school will not be open until 7:45. Please do not drop your students off before 7:50 AM to ensure their safety. The first bell rings at 8:21 and the tardy bell rings at 8:25. 

  • All students  get dropped off on Childress Street, and walk in through the cafeteria doors. 

  • Students who choose to eat breakfast will go to the cafeteria first to eat breakfast. 

Dismissal Time is 4:00 PM.
Pick-up procedures:

  • 6th graders are dismissed on Childress Street 

  • 7th graders are dismissed on N. Campus Blvd near Golden Chick

  • 8th graders are dismissed on N. Campus Blvd near the football field

It is important to note: 

  • If you have more than one child, please pick-up at the youngest child's grade level location.

  • When dropping students off at school and picking students up from school, their safety is our #1 concern. Please DO NOT ask students to meet your car in the street. Pull to the curb and come to a complete stop before your student leaves the curb to meet you. 

  • We need your support for our systems to be successful. Please do not ask your child to meet you at Papa John’s or Golden Chick. If everyone follows the systems we have in place, we can provide a safe system for all Lone Star students.